Two Of My Favorite Girls | Randolph, NJ Child Photographer

As this is my first blog post, I thought it would only be right to start with these two girls. Second to my own, they rule my heart.

have known Ryleigh since she was just over a year old and she was a little momma then! With a vocabulary as extensive as a college graduate, this little girl stole my heart with her intelligent conversations.

Yes, she was having full fledge discussions at just over a year old. She is the sweetest, funniest, most intelligent and well mannered child and I just love her to pieces.

When I say she is a little momma, there is no exaggeration in that statement. She was so ready to teach Chloe everything she knew and has been the best big sister ever.

Chloe not only looks up to Ryleigh and tries to do everything Ryleigh does (or teaches), but she actually listens most times, too. This proved to be true during our last session. I took the girls out to "take pictures" and Ryleigh let me know that she would be posing the session. Every image you see was her idea. :-) 

Ryleigh has been having "photo shoots" since I met her. You see, her mother is my best friend and well, when you put two best friends who have a passion for photography together, their children get extensive modeling training.

In fact, it was made clear yesterday when Ryleigh, who is now a Kindergartener, asked her momma how she should "pose" for her school pictures. When she found out, "you don't pose for school pictures. You just sit down and smile and they take ONE picture of your face." Her response was "oh...", as she was unaware ONE picture without posing was ever a possibility. I had to laugh, we have obviously set her expectations too high.  

I hope you enjoyed these images...directed by Ryleigh. I know I did!